Introducing the "Sprint Car Bandit"

Poetry, TX (5/12/17) by DarinShort.com. Saturday night, May 13th, at
Superbowl Speedway (near Greenville, TX), race fans of all ages will meet the
new mascot of the NCRA Sprint Car Bandits series presented by Blaine's
Motor Supply.

The new mascot, veteran sprint car racer Wayne Brown, AKA www.cwb15.com
was sidelined from racing last year due to an illness, and will greet the fans
with candy, decals & more fun giveaway items during periods when the Sprint
Car Bandits teams are getting ready to hit the track & help pump up the crowd
and drivers.

Wayne is anxious to get back to the track as he really misses the excitement,
so we'd like all the fans to cheer him on as well. He'll be arriving to the stands
on the back of the 4-wheeler of the Michael Lang, Palm Harbor Homes,
www.lang14.com sprint car as he prepares for hot laps.

Click www.SprintCarBandits.com for complete event information and visit
www.SuperbowlSpeedway.com for all track details - and we hope to see you
all Saturday night at the $2,000 to win and $300 to start Sprint Car Bandits
series event at Superbowl Speedway!

Here was Wayne's car, as a refresher to some of you that might not
remember him: